All That We Cannot Imagine

‘All That We Cannot Imagine’ is a series of works created during a 4 week residency as part of The London Summer Intensive. The series explores the tangibility of memory, consciousness and time as well as our experiences of the world; how they determine the ways in which we are capable of thinking. 
The series started as an investigation of how my own personal experiences are translated into memories and how I often memorise and even start to romanticise the more mundane experiences of day to day life.
Using photographs that captured moments from my own life, I was interested in how parallels could be drawn between the memories created from my own experiences, and the memories created through someone else’s experience. 
By obscuring, distorting and even removing the images completely, the pieces provoke the audience to manipulate what it is they are seeing; attempting to find something comprehensible within the works which they can relate to their own experiences and memories. 
The pieces act as monuments to our everyday memories; the ones that we often overlook or perceive to be insignificant. Instead the works act as a celebration towards the infinite memories that are constantly being created, as well as beginning to explore a correlation in these narratives of collective mundane memories.

Plaster, wax, photography, cellophane and tissue paper, 2017